Friday, July 6, 2007

Go Goa

There is one high priority thread running at KAZ now. Dev rooms to hallways to rec room - just a single thread. The thread hangs once in a while to stop everything. Not a masterpiece in design but none of the superstar developers seems to mind!

The thread has just one constant “Goa”!


This year’s anniversary party at KAZ will be at Goa. The party is codenamed “Odyssey”. A lot of planning is going on to make odyssey a success. There must be something for everyone (since anniversary party also means friends and families) and there must be enough fun to talk about for a whole year (until the next party at least!). A lot of pressure on the odyssey team. 

The Project Plan

Oscar Wilde’s last words were reputedly:  “This wallpaper is terrible – one of us have to go”. I know there is not even the thinnest of relevance for this quote with this post, but somehow I feel it captures the feeling of this trip very much!

So Go Goa …