Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lets go, lets go, lets goa!

With our anniversary party “Odyssey” over we are having a post party depression. Life should have been just an endless stream of back to back parties!

Anyway, Odyssey was a supreme success. Tweleve days of non-stop furti! Check out some the places we’ve been to on the google map here. But before you do that here are a few interesting but random trivia about Goa:

1. Goa became independent from Portugal in 1961! So Goa has been a part of Portugal from 1510 to 1961!

2. 40,000 Indian troops walked in to Goa on "Operation Vijay" to make Goa independent.

3. Goa became a full blown state as late as 1987. It was a "union territory" before that, since it never wanted to part of Maha Rashtra.

4. Mangoes of Goa can rival that of Bangladesh and goans have passions about mango almost on the same level as ours.