Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yet another win for Agile

We've been talking about how to help our community at Kaz for a long time. Being a bunch of "techies" that’s no easy goal!

We thought, we'll use our experiences of software process to achieve this goal. That immediately led us to some brainstorming sessions, which led to chaos (as usual) and minor ideological war (even more usual), this led to a wiki page for idea submission. But hey that’s the PROCESS!

We got a lot of ideas, some of them phenomenally good and some borderline crazy. We thought we will pick up some of them and start. But that’s where things stopped.

After cycling through this several times we realized that we are really running things classic Waterfall with big design upfront and all of its smelly friends (sorry, you have to forgive me for these weak allusions, but this blog is consumed mostly by software guys). Anyway, we realized we need to go agile and take some baby steps to get something done.

As luck would have it, pretty much around same time of this ground breaking, earth shattering realization that agile is good, a dodgy looking guy dropped in at Kaz. He came as friend of a Kaz guy but it turned out he is a super secret philanthropist who runs a teaching program for street children pretty close to us. This was our chance! We went agile with him.

So the success of this baby step is that we are now proudly providing snacks for every child that turn up for the class - and that acts as very good magnet to keep the children coming. The next baby step is that we do some basic computer skill training to the children (I know, somewhere someplace that machine had to come in). Sadly the secret philanthropist tells us that teaching them C++ (which we feel is a must for anyone touching that machine) won't be very helpful for the kids so we are sticking to the "how to click the start button" path. But we hope that this is a start of bigger and better things - maybe even some of our ideas in the wiki too.

If you feel like making a baby step too, feel free to drop in at the street class at around 4pm on the street that leads from Aziz Super market to Paribag:

So yet another karma point for Agile - this thing is definitely making it to the Nirvana.