Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Blog returns

After a long time we are back to our blog! And the sole reason for all the neglect is purely work. We have been working really hard over the last few years just keeping up with the amazing software projects that we are involved in. Our writers and poets (ahem) were all too tied up with with trying to do C++ to C# port or a recursion, and our blog found no one to contribute to it.

There is one other culprit though, it is the ubiquitous Facebook. One of the reasons for writing was to tell our friends and fans what we were up to. Now our facebook page  does that job and does it really well. 

So why is the blog coming back?

Well, the main reason is that we are shifting the focus of the blog. Instead of just covering random things we are doing or curious about the blog will try to cover some of the challenges that we face in our business of making great software. 

There is really a lot to write about because the challenges we face are on a lot of dimensions. Although a lot of people "make software", our challenge doesn't just stop with just that sentence but with many more like the following...

"Making great software."

"Making software with the can do approach."

"Making software as the outsourcing partner - matching the expectation of low cost yet supremely good code."

"Making software with a culture of creativity and no code monkeys."

"Making software in the third world that anticipates the first world needs." 

"Making software because it's downright fun to make software."

"Making software when there is monsoon or heat waves, where there is strike on the streets, when the Internet just trickles in somehow and when power is something optional." (Too embarrassing to highlight - so left it without the bolds :) )

People keep asking us how we do what we do. And this blog reborn will try answering them. But it might also cover old ground of what we are up to - since its just too tempting to leave out!

Wish us luck (and some writing time).